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The Gel Bottle is an exceptionally durable gel treatment that nurtures the nail bed, keeping them super healthy. No dehydrated nails here! It is a long lasting, non-chip, high gloss finish, protecting and strengthening product. All about that base! Depending on your natural nails and the strength you require, we have a few options with The Gel Bottle.

*All prices include removal/refill of product and re-application. Fee of 10 for removing other brands.
*French application is an extra 10 to all nail treatments.

Gel Polish. 55

This system applies like nail polish and wears for 2-3 weeks. Offers a support to the natural nails, great for people who have strong nails but want that long lasting colour and high gloss. Plus it dries straight away! Includes colour, shaping of nails, cuticles treated and hand massage.

Gel Builder Application. 70

Using their famous Builder In A Bottle, to create long lasting strength to your nails. Lasts 3 – 4 weeks depending on your natural nails. Great for someone who needs that added strength or building a smoother nail bed. Includes colours, shaping of the nails, cuticles treated and hand massage.

* Clear Application. 60

Gel Full Set

Extending your natural nail length using sculpturing forms. No glue on tips here. Sculpturing the length by hand, gives a more natural feeling and look.

Natural. 85  Colour. 100

Gel Soak off . 30
+ with Express Mani. 55

IBX Treatment.  10

Repair and strengthen your nails with this amazing treatment. The solution soaks in-between your nail layers and is set, helping to hold flakey and cracked nails together. Add on to any nail service.


No nasties in our nail products! Miss Frankie is a Melbourne made nail polish system that is 10 FREE, vegan and crulty free.

Express Manicure .  40

Shaping of the nails, cuticles are treated followed with a colour polish application. 30mins

Manicure.  55

Includes shaping of the nails, cuticles, nail treatments are applied, hand soak and massage and colour polish application. 45mins

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