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Spray Tanning

Using Three Warriors 100% Australian Certified organic spray tan.

We believe you don’t need to compromise on ingredients to achieve a natural tan. With Three Warriors, you can trust the tanning products and spray tan solutions are organic, toxic-free, cruelty-free and will nourish your body without any nasties commonly found in fake tan (and face tan).

Think of it this way – toxins are like a bad ex, they hang around. They are absorbed through the surface of the skin and enter into our bloodstream, risking systemic changes throughout the body which can have lasting effects.
Using the finest natural ingredients from our home state Tasmania, Three Warriors uses only the best natural, certified organic plant-based and vegetable ingredients sourced direct from mother nature.
Key ingredients used in our tanning products include: avocado oil, aloe vera, coconut, Tasmanian olive oil and Tasmanian mountain water.

24 hours before…

Remove all body hair, exfoliate from top to toe (paying special attention to the dry skin areas such as knees, ankles, wrists and elbows) using an exfoliator then take the time to moisturise your whole body.

On the day of your spray tan…

Prep is key! While it might sound strange, make sure to skip deodorant and perfume, as well as heavy facial moisturisers so the skin is a bare canvas ready for the spray tan solution.

How to know…when to wash the fake tan off

Like it deep and dark? Then get set to stay and soak it up.  Or if you’re more into a light, milky golden glow, you may want to shower pronto! When it comes to a natural fake tan, it’s all down to what you prefer.

When your spray tan is completely dry, have a quick shower in lukewarm water, without soap. After patting dry, moisturise

Developing times… 

1 hour – Shower within an hour for a light and fresh but ever so natural fake tan glow.

2-3 hours – Shower within a few hours for a medium to warm natural fake tan.

4-5 hours – Shower after half a day (or overnight) for a deep, dark natural fake tan look.

Full Body . 50

Half body . 35

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